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Kyrgyz NEFCO livestock project seeking Finnish partners

An animal farm in Kyrgyzstan is interested in collaborating with Finnish companies to increase beef production and to implement added value activities.

The farm raises cattle for beef production. Their barn accommodates 130 animals and adjacent to it is an open land which they utilize for this project. They aim to increase capacity to 500 animals in the first stage of the project and implement other added value activities in the second stage such as meat cutting/ packaging/ refrigeration and transportation. Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) has advised the farm to find a Nordic partner for this project.

The project includes:

  • Changing the design of the barn. Removing animals lock-cell and install railings instead.

  • Installing water system for animals. Renewing the sewage system and sewage handling process. Installing wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Building manure storage and a small biogas reactor.
  • Environmental and technical consultancy.

  • Setting up an artificial insemination (AI) station and installation of best available technology in artificial insemination.

  • Purchasing and modernization of transportation vehicles and purchasing other machines and equipment used for feed mixing and preparation.

  • Maintenance of stores.

The project estimation is EUR 1 million.

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