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Malaysia calls for Finnish waste and wastewater management solutions

Insufficient waste and wastewater treatment currently creates an urgent need for upgraded plants and management solutions in the Iskandar economic region in Johor, Southern Malaysia. Known for their sustainable circular economy solutions, Finnish companies are in a perfect position to modernize currently used methods in the region.
Iskandar is a visionary region with special focus on creating a low-carbon society. Its smart environment initiatives are now creating opportunities for high-level environmental technologies and efficient recycling solutions from the Nordics.

Finnish companies already have a good reputation on the market and both private and government-level stakeholders are interested to connect with them. Especially the expertise in circular economy is attractive as it offers much needed comprehensive solutions that save space, energy and money.

Water shortage calls for new methods

In three years, there will be a severe shortage of potable water in Iskandar. The rapid urbanization is making current treatment capacity insufficient and at the same time, waste dumping and illegal agricultural proceedings cause pollution in the waterways.

To solve this, all wastewater treatment plants need to become more efficient and alternative water sources should be explored. In urban areas, much could be achieved by reducing, supplementing or replacing potable water used for industrial purposes and untapped potential has been discovered in grey water usage. The need for better water and wastewater treatment include:

  • Comprehensive planning, technologies and solutions.
  • Better maintenance and monitoring.
  • Circular economy type of solutions.
  • Systems that create by-products for energy generation.
  • Sustainable business models.

Waste-to-wealth solutions for smart city development
Developing waste management is high on the smart city agenda in Iskandar where strong population growth and the resulting rapid property development create a need for new types of efficient waste-to-wealth solutions.
The region has over 20 landfills, which are estimated to be completely filled within three years and there is now a pressing need to not only reduce the amount of waste but also to generate by-products. Currently, several pilot projects plan to test technologies at four critical landfills. Finnish companies could meet these challenges with a variety of expertise:
  • Waste-to-energy solutions – especially small W2E plants.
  • Recycling solutions such as E-waste recycling and tire recycling.
  • Reducing waste at source.
  • Circular economy type of solutions.
  • Technologies offering value added by-products.
  • Technologies for methane capture and efficient 200-300tpd plants.
Enter the market through joint activities

The Team Finland network offers advice and activities with specific focus on the waste and wastewater sector in Iskandar, Malaysia. Currently a webinar is planned for the end of August to present the business opportunity and establish initial contacts between local actors and Finnish companies.

In October, the plan is to follow-up the webinar with a chance to jointly visit the IGEM 2018 (International Greentech & Eco products exhibition and conference) on October 17-20 and ISWA (International Solid Waste Management Association) World Congress on October 22-24 in Kuala Lumpur. Registration for both events is still open.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact:

Farid Mohamed
Senior Adviser at Business Finland, Kuala Lumpur
Tel. + 601 3986 8210
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