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Mexican company looking for Finnish solutions to develop "Virtual Hospital at Home" project

12.01.2018 Mexican IT company is looking for a partner in Finland to carry out a project called: Virtual Hospital at Home. The company has a broad network of contacts in the Health Sector like Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Doctors, Associations, Health Institutions, Laboratories and Insurance companies, which would be connected to a Center for Prevention, Care and Health Monitoring.

The project would involve an eHealth device connected in real time to this network of Health Services, so the patient is monitored with the device from his home, and be able to grant him access to medical reports for the treatment they need. This would give the patient more efficient attention, trust and more margin to take decision about his health and avoid saturation in hospitals.

The Mexican company is interested in Finnish health technology companies that produce health devices and have expertise and knowhow of delivering this type of services, in order to develop this project.

Change in the market has opened up this opportunity

In 2013, Mexico approved a landmark Telecommunication Constitutional Reform. With the Reform, the access to internet is a now a right for all Mexicans. Under the actions of the Federal Government to boost the access to telecommunications, the program "Mexico Conectado" works under the command of the Ministry of Communications and Transports, with the objective to deploy networks to ensure access to internet in public places like Health Centers and Schools.

The Digitalization trend of services keeps growing in Mexico. Another project that has its origin in the Telecommunication Reform is Red Compartida, a LTE Network that will cover 92.2% of the populated territory and will start providing services to users this year. According to a Study of the Health Sector of Mexico elaborated by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mexico faces challenges and need reforms to boost the integration of the Health and Digital sectors.

The Autonomous University of Mexico has specialists that claim that the public and private Health Sector in Mexico has put aside the implementation of new technologies and hospitals sometimes lack of basic digital services. This means that there are huge opportunities of business related to digital services in the Health Care sector in Mexico, a country of more than 120 million habitants. 6.4 % of the population has insurance for major medical expenses. The business opportunities in internet are growing because the need of broadband and mobile connectivity services is increasing. In addition, the trend of Internet of Things, in which all kind of objects are connected to the communication networks, continues to expand.

Offerings (products, services, solutions) that are relevant to this opportunity

Finnish companies that provide eHealth devices and also have expertise of digitalization in the HealthCare sector.

Read more: There is a lot of potential for Finnish health companies in South America and Mexican health opportunities, Juan Pablo Romero, Advisor, Mexico

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