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New York looks for energy efficiency for buildings

New York City is looking for partners to renew and provide green building solutions for their large and aging portfolio made up of 2,550 buildings that consist of 178,000 apartments.

The property owner has committed now to create healthy and comfortable homes that will withstand the challenge of climate change. There is a call for partners to work with the City with shared long-term vision of equity, sustainability, and resiliency. Key issues are related to energy efficiency and resiliency including flooding, providing air conditioning and reducing heat island effect.

New York City's 80 x 50 Commitment to improving energy efficiency in buildings, which is critical, hence 68% of NYC's greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy used in buildings. 90% of the buildings that exists today will still exist in 2050. At the moment fossil fuels account for the vast majority of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. Nearly every building will need to move away from fossil fuel-based heating and hot water systems. The property owner has adapted climate mitigation commitments that include 20% reduction of energy consumption by 2025, using 25 MW renewables by 2026 and 30% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2027.


Solutions and products needed are those that allow for:

  • Improving heating/hot water efficiency
  • Smart building solutions serving the reduction of energy use


For more information, pls contact Mr Veijo Komulainen veijo.komulainen(at)

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