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North American cities look for sustainable city solutions

Under Nordic City Solutions project there is a call now for Smart City Solutions in Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul as well as in Canada in Greater Toronto Area – Brampton.

Nordic City Solutions is a project created by five Nordic countries trade promotion organizations, Finland included, with the aim to collaborate with North American cities and local stakeholders. The goal is to promote Nordic-specific competencies around sustainable urban development enabling Nordic companies to secure tender contracts locally in specific cities.

Under Nordic City Solutions project there is a call now for Smart City Solutions in Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul as well as in Canada in Greater Toronto Area – Brampton. Both want now to learn the best practices and solutions from the Nordic Countries.


Companies and sectors benefiting from this opportunity

The current calls are interesting for companies from following sectors:

  • Sustainable urban planning
  • Energy efficiency in district heating and buildings
  • Solutions for smart construction, Building Information Management
  • Smart mobility and transportation


Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

There are upcoming activities proposed for Finnish companies interested in pursuing these opportunities. Brampton and Twin Cities have separate activities; stay tuned for the exact dates.


If interested in opportunities in Brampton:

Urban Lab 1 (Q1 2019) - Theme of this lab is Urban centre transformation processes from Nordic experience. Topics include mobility, energy, built form, natural environment, water, climate change resilience and place making.

Urban Lab 2 (Q3, 2019) - This lab is related to the Healthy and Resilient Urban Centre project in Bramalea in Brampton. Topics include how Nordic lessons and skills can be used in order to transform Bramalea community into a place considered as social engaged, economic hub, environmental leader, respects cultural heritage.


If interested the opportunities in Twin Cities:

Urban Lab 1 (Q1 2019)  - This lab is related to redevelopment of former golf course site. The idea of the lab is to tackle the problems related to resilience, equity and technology. The 2-day event will include local businesses, NGO's, community members and other stakeholders and provides a concrete project collaboration opportunity for Nordic businesses.

Urban Lab 2 (Q3, 2019) - This 2-day lab will focus on smart and equitable intermodality and transportation solutions.



If you want to learn more about this opportunity, please contact:

Veijo Komulainen, Consulate General of Finland in New York, veijo.komulainen(at)


Ilkka Homanen, Business Finland, ilkka.homanen(at)


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 Major themes in Brampton:

  • Affordable & Liveable City
  • Natural Systems Connectivity
  • Innovation hub with anchor Ryerson University
  • Public Transportation
  • Healthy city priority
  • Energy Planning & Environment

Upcoming projects in Brampton:

  • Powerade Site
  • Brampton Riverwalk: : $250 million CAD storm water management infrastructure project
  • Ryerson University Campus: $250 million CAD development opportunity to build secondary campus
  • Bramlea Revitalization: Transforming Bramalea community as described in the Urban Lab activity

Major themes in Twin Cities

  • Equity – reversing racial inequality in opportunities in education, employment, housing, health, and safety
  • Resilience (100RC)
  • Affordable Housing
  • Energy Efficiency & Green Building
  • Transportation
  • Access to Water & Storm Water Management

Upcoming projects in Twin Cities:

  • Ford Site: Large-scale redevelopment of a former Ford Motor Company car-manufacturing site adjacent to the Mississippi River.
  • Hillcrest Site: Redeveloping Golf course site
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