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Opportunities in Namibia: Agritech, Energy, ICT and Education

After a couple of years of slowdown, Namibia’s economic growth is likely picking up in 2018. With a high degree of political stability and sound macroeconomic management, the country boasts a favourable business environment. Although the market size is somewhat small, Namibia offers business opportunities in the sectors of agriculture, renewable energy, ICT and education, among others.

The agricultural sector contributes around 5% of Namibia’s GDP, but employs over one third of the country’s workforce. Namibian stakeholders have expressed clear interest toward Finnish agritech expertise and solutions, and Finnish companies have a track record of co-operation in the country. To illustrate, Finnish companies and universities are contributing to an exciting bush-to-feed concept, which aims at turning widely spread acacia bush into animal feed.
In the energy sector, Namibia continues to be dependent on imported electricity. The country’s energy policy aims to increase the domestic supply of energy while lowering carbon emissions. Hence, numerous renewable energy projects have been commissioned, including biomass, solar and wind. There is also potential for waste-to-energy, and further studies into this are needed. In rural areas, electrification rates are still very low. Hence, the government has welcomed public-private partnership arrangements for mini grid and off grid solutions.

The government aims to transform Namibia into a knowledge economy and upgrade its ICT infrastructure. By 2022, all Namibians should have universal access to information, affordable technology, infrastructure and services. Work is also done to expand modern broadcasting services to all communities, as well as to promote innovation, e-governance and other e-services.

Education is one of the key priorities of the Namibian government. Due to Finland’s close ties with Namibia, local educational institutions are already co-operating with their Finnish counterparts. Namibia has traditionally allocated very adequate budgets for education, and this trend is continued in the 2018/2019 budget. However, the country’s educational system also has its challenges. Finnish solutions in different sectors such as pre-primary, basic, higher, and vocational education can play a role in improving efficiency and development of best practices.

Finnpartnership, Business Finland and the Embassy of Finland in Windhoek are organizing a half-day seminar Doing Business with Finland (DBF) in Windhoek, Namibia on 19.4.2018. The seminar will focus on agriculture, cleantech, education and ICT. The purpose of the seminar is to create new business opportunities between Finnish and Namibian companies. Our local partner, Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), has identified Namibian companies from the same sectors that will be invited to the seminar. The export part of the seminar will focus on food and tourism sectors.

Sign up by sending an e-mail to Finnpartnership’s Kaisa Arkkila, Participants will arrange their trip and visas themselves. The trip can be part of a broader project aimed at Namibia, in which case you can apply for Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support.

Besides the DBF seminar in Namibia, DBF seminars are also being organized in Zambia on 11.4.2018 and in Botswana 17.4.2018. Finnish companies are warmly welcome to join these seminars as well.
If you cannot attend the seminar but wish to be introduced to Namibian companies, you can send two PowerPoint slides to Finnpartnership. We will present your company at the seminar and open the discussions with interested local companies. The slides should include:
1) Picture of the product or an illustrative picture of the service and a short introduction.
2) Name of the company and contact information (a webpage is not enough).
3) A definition of what kind of business partner the company/organization is looking for.

Send the slides (in English) by 2.4.2018 to Kaisa Arkkila,, tel. +358 40 634 2075. You can also bring printed slides to Finnpartnership office, Finnpartnership c/o Finnfund, Uudenmaankatu 16 B, 00121, Helsinki.

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