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Opportunity for Finnish companies to enter the Norwegian road building market

Norwegian Nye Veier is interested in Finnish contractors and innovative solutions for the road-building industry.

The state-owned company Nye Veier plans, builds, operates and maintains major highways in Norway, including over 500 kilometers of new road between the cities of Stavanger and Trondheim.

As it stands, Nye Veir has a considerable interest towards innovative Finnish solutions. They are open for a variety of products and services. These can be related to the likes of intelligent vehicles and mobility, road asset management, infrastructure as a service etc.

Market scope

In Norway, the building and construction industry has a turnover of approximately NOK 430 billion per year (EUR ~45 billion). Highway development in Norway in the past has been expensive and compared to for example Sweden the costs have been approximately 110 % higher. In addition, the construction stage in Norwegian highway projects takes on average twice as long as in Sweden.

Therefore, the Norwegian government decided to establish Nye Veier with the purpose of reforming the Norwegian road-building sector. Nye Veier was established in 2015 as an alternative company for Statens Vegvesen (the local Liikennevirasto), and it started regular operation in early 2016. Nye Veier is wholly owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Norway. Since the start, Nye Veier has been benchmarking top-class infrastructure construction companies and countries in order to find new solutions, which are not yet established in Norway.

Opportunity in focus

Nye Veier will buy the planning, building, operating and maintaining of roads from big contractors. The selected contractors will take care of the subcontractors. The planning phase will be executed in close relation with Nye Veier, the contractor and other relevant organizations such as the subcontractors.

During the planning phase, Nye Veier will guide the contractors to certain direction with their criteria and requirements.

For Nye Veier, comprehensive and cost-effective development and operation of highways are important, and they have a major interest in more efficient, predictable and safer road transport.

Nye Veier is interested in everything related to planning, building, operating and maintaining roads, bridges and tunnels. Especially digital planning solutions for roads, tunnels, bridges and towns are defined interesting because a relatively large proportion of the national road network in Norway goes through cities/urban areas.

Next steps

As Nye Veier has already identified Finland and Finnish companies interesting, they are now planning a delegation trip to meet the Finnish companies on September 20-22, 2017. In addition to companies that focus on technical issues, they are interested in meeting Finnish intelligent vehicle and mobility companies. During that delegation trip, Finnish infrastructure and MaaS companies have the opportunity to present themselves to Nye Veier. Finnish companies can show their interest to Finpro, but ultimately Nye Veier will be the one to decide which companies they want to meet in Finland.

A few days later, on 26 September 2017, Nye Veier will host a supplier conference at the Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel in Oslo. The focus will be on the highway projects E6 Tr√łndelag region and E39 between Kristiansand and Sandnes. On the agenda are presentations of Nye Veier projects, as well as possibilities for meetings with relevant companies and future partners. The conference will be held in Norwegian and is simultaneously interpreted to English. The conference is aimed at both Norwegian and foreign companies. Interested Finnish companies are urged to participate.

Please register by the 1st of September. Registration form and more information at the Nye Veier website:  

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