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Singapore HealthTech Challenge looking solutions for 118 problems

Singapore's public healthcare system opened an annual National HealthTech Challenge this spring


The Challenge has collected 118 problem statements from the public healthcare institutions in March-April. Solution providers can offer their ideas until late June. Until that same deadline, organizers do their best to connect ideas and organizations.

The chosen ideas, and groups of 1-3 organizations behind the ideas, will proceed to final round. 1-2 ideas will be awarded with project funding to take the first implementation into practice. Meanwhile, everyone will have an opportunity for introducing their offering to wide audience during this whole process.

Singapore is ageing fast and healthcare system has to renew itself. One of the methods chosen is to use more and more technology in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

The estimated volume of the demand, growth rate and time window:

Varies, but all presented needs are global. Some of the presented problems are potentially a big global market opportunity, and all of them are a channel to get in contact with the Singaporean organization that presented the problem.

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Offerings (products, services, solutions) are relevant to this opportunity:

118 problem statements cover a wide range of topics, so a wide range of solutions can be offered and further developed to answer to the needs. To see the problem statements, you can register to the Challenge web site to scroll through the statements. To get a document covering all statements, contact in Embassy of Finland in Singapore.

Last week, they published more than 115 problem statements collected from hospitals and other institutions. Now they are waiting for solvers (companies, researchers, educational institutions) to tell about potential solutions. Deadline for proposals is 22.6. and now is time to act. Each final proposal must be led by a Singaporean organization.

Challenge competitions are good channels to reach potential partners and customers even if you do not win. This is good opportunity if you are interested in Singapore's public healthcare players and to offer your solutions, pilot your technology and/or develop joint solutions with Singaporean parties.

For a quick access to key information and to walk through 115 problem statements, ask a summary document from

Note that solutions to each of the problems are sought from 1 – 3 organizations who work on the solution together with the SEEKER (the organization that has posted the problem statement). The lead SOLVER must be a Singaporean legal entity. Organizers of the challenge and Embassy of Finland in Singapore / will help with connections to potential partners.

This challenge process gives visibility towards the whole public healthcare system.


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