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Solar panels hit the rooftops in California

A proposed California bill would require solar panels on 15 percent of new buildings. The bill would raise considerably the local demand for solar energy solutions.

California Senator Scott Wiener has introduced legislation that would require 15 percent of certain new buildings constructed in the state to be equipped with solar power equipment. The definition applies both to solar panels and solar heated water.

The law would apply to all residential and commercial buildings, but not to buildings that are over 10 stories tall.

The law is patterned after a recent City of San Francisco Ordinance that went into effect on 1 January 2017. The San Francisco ordinance requires that from January 2017 all new buildings in the city with 10 floors or fewer must have either solar PV or solar thermal panels installed. The measure builds on existing Californian state law, which requires all new buildings to have at least 15 percent of their roof space exposed to sunshine, in order to help future solar panel use.

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Michael Lovejoy

Senior Advisor

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