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Sungin explores elderly care high end market in China - opportunities for Finnish companies


Sungin, represents the elderly care portfolio in Fosun Group. Fosun group was established in 1992, now becomes a Forbes Global conglomerate. Group assets is now RMB 405 billion, with RMB 78.8 billion revenue and RMB 8 billion net profit.

Sungin aims to provide professional elderly care solutions and transform the life of the seniors (making them happier and healthier) and to set up elderly care industry standards in China. Meanwhile Sungin focuses on senior living operations, especially care-based assisted living, nursing and rehab services. In such a case, Sungin will need various of offerings from aging industry.

Sungin will set up the following:

  1. Rehab and medical nursing care
    - Rehab hospital
    - Medical Nursing home
  2. Residential care
    - Senior living apartment
    - Assisted living home
    - Non-medical nursing home 
  3. Community & Home care
    - Community and home rehab services
    - Community and home nursing care
    - Community and home aged care

Sungin will need suppliers in the following areas: nursing training, rehab equipment and training, senior living apartment design and other necessary aging care services providers. This is a great opportunity for companies operating in the following areas: aging care nursing service training provider, rehab equipment manufacturers, designers specialized in senior apartment.

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