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Technology for collecting and recycling chemical energy sources to Russia

A Russian company is looking for technologies and best practices used for collecting and recycling chemical energy sources such as batteries and car accumulators.
The company is interested in Finnish technology that could be used for constructing chemical energy waste recycling facilities in Russia.
The aim is to recycle 20 000 tons of chemical energy waste (batteries) every year and the customer is open to different types of partnerships with interested Finnish companies:
  • The Russian company could visit the recycling facilities to screen technologies and then license or transfer them to Russia.
  • Alternatively, it could (co)invest in building waste plants in Russia based on Finnish technology.
  • Thirdly, it is prepared to create a Joint Venture with a Finnish partner.
Waste recycling is a very acute problem in Russia, especially in the Moscow region, and the customer company has a significant role in operating chemical energy source waste recycling.
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