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The largest provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines requires new cyber security platforms

The largest telecommunications service provider in the Philippines is currently developing in-house cyber security capability. This is to support their strategy to deliver cyber security solutions to their SME customers.
The service provider currently has a technology partnership with Singtel, Singapore, and jointly has cyber security solutions in place for top tier clients. It has recognized the need to develop technologies that will enable it to address new segments such as low- and medium-tier companies. Consequently, it is looking for new cost-effective, smart cyber security solutions that are required by the SME segment.

The service provider is looking to collaborate with the following Finnish technology companies and is looking in particular for the following:

  • Technology providers with experience of developing and delivering cyber security products for the SME market.
  • Consultancies for all types of cyber security services.
  • Consultancies and technology partners that can assist in mapping out the maturity level of their clients in order to identify and address their needs in advance. This will help them target and address the customers segments more precisely.

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