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Turkish company planning to establish Finnish educational model based kindergarten and school in Istanbul

Franchise of one of the biggest education brands in Turkey is interested in opening a new private kindergarten and a primary school in Istanbul based on Finnish education model adapted to Turkish needs and requirements.

The company in question is a Turkish privately owned family company that has been dealing solely in education business in Turkey since 2001. It runs five private schools from kindergarten to high school level in Istanbul and has around 1.500 students and 150 teaching staff.

For some time, the company has been researching teaching and education methods globally. As a result, they have come up with an idea of opening a new private kindergarten and primary school in Istanbul benchmarking the Finnish educational model. They believe that they can succeed with their idea only if they start from the basic level of education. In Turkey, "examinations" form the basis of the education system and parents are exam-orientated and expect their children to be successful in central exams (transition to high school and university depends on central examination scores). The company would like to establish a totally new school starting from kindergarten since both the students and the parents need to be trained to understand that high-quality education is more than just getting ready for the examinations; gaining self-confidence, learning a foreign language for real purposes and getting ready for the life are more important than exam success.

However, the company believes that even if the new school's teaching would be based on the Finnish model, the system should be suitable and well integrated to Turkish students' needs and levels. They think that the school should have a sort of “Finnish-based hybrid education model” with the main framework of Finnish education system taking the Turkish education system's facts into consideration.

The company plans to visit Finland

To realize their plans, company representatives would like to make a visit to a couple of kindergartens and primary schools in Finland to:

  • see and observe students and teachers at their natural teaching environment and learn how they interact with each other etc.
  • learn about how to “do classes”, how learning spaces are designed, what kind of learning materials are being used
  • discuss the education methods and new Curriculum of Finland with educators
  • discuss the possibility of importing the Finnish education methods and Curriculum to the new school in Istanbul; possible pros and cons etc.

Interested in this Sales Lead? Please contact our advisor as soon as possible since the company would like to start planning their trip to Finland after the second week of January.

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