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Vietnamese company looking for cooperation with Finnish W2E company

A company in Hanoi is interested in partnering with a Finnish W2E expert company to utilize agricultural biomass to generate heat for industrial factories.

The company in Hanoi would like to utilize agricultural biomass from local farmers (rice husk, straw, maize and sugar cane residues etc.) to generate heat and to supply clean energy to nearby factories (leather, textile, food processing factories).

Their idea of the cooperation is that they would utilize expertise from the Finnish partner to set up a joint-venture or similar business entity in Vietnam and to share the profit from such business. This local company has secured a budget for the cooperation, and is willing to go further with research and feasibility study, as well as to invest in business entity establishment if a suitable and interested Finnish partner is found.

The company requires eco-friendly and the most efficient technology from Finland. The estimated volume of agro-biomass that could be collected is around 100,000 tons a year for the initial stage, with growth rate of about 18-20% annually.

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