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War on Diabetes in Singapore

Singapore is ageing and obesity is on fast growth path. Government pays 650 million euro a year for prevention, screening and taking care of diabetes.

Over 400 000 people have diabetes in population of 5.5 million. War on Diabetes government's national program for promotion of healthy lifestyle, strengthening early screening and interventions, and to support better disease control. All this opens up potential opportunities for novel tested products, services and concepts.

What change in the market has opened up this opportunity:

Ageing of the population as well as less healthy lifestyle compared to the past. 

What is the estimated volume of the demand, growth rate and time window?

Government pays 650 million euro for prevention, screening and taking care of diabetes. 450 000 people have diabetes now and number is estimated to grow to 670 000 by 2030..

Which offerings (products, services, solutions) are relevant to this opportunity?

  • Solutions to support healthy lifestyle
  • Screening of those who do not have diabetes yet
  • Self help for those who have diabetes, and to cure the complications.

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