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Waste collection, processing and recycling tech to Nigeria

A Nigerian company is looking for technology and equipment used for waste collection, processing and recycling.
The company is currently invested in a project that will establish and operate waste collection, processing, recycling and renewable energy in a way that upholds international standards of environmental compliance.
The company‚Äôs goal is to properly manage, operate and maintain the landfill including the waste collection and recycling plant as well as the renewable energy equipment. 
To do this it now seeks partners that can actively be involved in all phases of the project, from the initial feasibility study, through the build-up and until the facility can be successfully operated. The request includes the following types of equipment:
  • Side loader garbage truck.
  • Back loader truck with a 7 000 to 15 000 lb capacity.
  • Medical waste collection trucks.
  • Waste transfer station building.
  • Slaughter house.
  • Waste collection trucks
  • Compactors
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